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Stop the chaos. Stop the arguing. Stop Brexit. Stop Boris Johnson.

The Conservatives have unleashed a mammoth advertising campaign for the end of the election, buying the advertising banner at the top of the YouTube homepage. The messages are simple.

“Stop the Chaos. Get Brexit done. Get all of it done”. 

“Don’t risk another hung parliament. Your vote can end the uncertainty. Get Brexit done.”

Really? A vote for Johnson is a vote for chaos. Passing his deal won’t “get Brexit done”; it merely signals the start of years of negotiations as we try to thrash out a new trade deal. Of years of bitter arguments dragging on. Hard Brexit advocates demanding an ever purer free trade agreement. Moderate MPs trying to shift the ground towards customs union or single market membership. Even more uncertainty about where we’re headed. What will happen.

A vote for the Conservatives won’t end the arguments in parliament. Some of the biggest rows of the last three years have been between factions of the Conservative party. Theresa May’s deal with the DUP should have given her a majority. It was the Tories who voted her deal down three times, called a failed vote of no confidence in her leadership, drove her out of office, and chose Boris Johnson as their new leader – who then blew up his majority by kicking out 21 MPs. It was the Tories who started this whole mess with their referendum in 2016, the Tories who stopped the government ‘getting Brexit done’, and the Tories who called this unnecessary election. 

Do you really trust them to “stop the chaos”?

If you want to stop the chaos, end the uncertainty, and stop the arguing, then take back control. Stop Brexit. Stop Boris Johnson.

Header image courtesy of UK Parliament, used under a Creative Commons license.