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About me

Journalist, noun: a machine for turning caffeine into words.

I am to greater or lesser extents a journalist, economist, start-up enthusiast, tenor, and purveyor of dubious takes. I am not really a morning person. The articles on this site do not represent the views of my various employers, or even necessarily myself. I read for a bachelor of science in economics at York, an MPhil in the same at Oxford, and I remain open to the possibility of conceding defeat and pursuing a PhD at some point.

Marginally Productive is for all the writing that’s only marginally productive; stuff I can convince people to pay me for goes elsewhere. Quite a lot of this site is about politics, but there’s also mathematics, statistics, philosophy, history, attempts at mimicking various authors (most notably HP Lovecraft and CS Lewis), and some armchair epidemiology.

I’m on twitter as @SAshworthHayes, where you can spot the low points in the commissioning cycle by the volume of my output.