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You can find my writing for here. I’ve written and edited a selection of pieces on behavioural economics for The Behaviouralist, which you can find here (among other people’s work). hosts some of my old writing, and the Spectator were kind enough to publish a riposte to Boris Johnson here.

An edited version of ‘Woke Capital is not your friend‘ appeared in Quillette. Other stuff for UnHerd, the Spectator, Reaction can be found under the links.

Academic work

Fatalism, Beliefs, and Behaviors During the COVID-19 Pandemic (with Jesper Akesson, Robert Hahn, Robert Metcalfe, and Itzhak Rasooly). Working paper published here.

A second working paper should be available shortly. If it’s not up and you’re reading this past (say) July 2020, @ me on Twitter and ask for it.